Use it !

Please contribute

SolAR framework is looking for contributors .

How to use

You can start using SolAR Framework very quickly:

  • download and execute the SolAR installer. It will install all you need to user SolAR Framework. binaries. It will only take 15 minutes .

  • download and test solAR sample code : sample codes, compile it and run it. You will learn about SolARFramework use (code organization, API call) . It will take about 30 minutes.

  • implement your own program based on SolAR: to help you some tutorials will soon be available. tutorials and do some exercises. You will learn more about SolARFramework, so that you will be able to program a code based on SolAR framework by your own. //It will take more time, depending on which level of expertise you want.


SOlAR framework can be used by :

  • pose estimation developers (using a C++ API) and

  • designers (using an editor),

to create a good pose estimation solution.