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What is SolAR?

SolAR is an open-source framework under Apache v2 license dedicated to Augmented Reality.

SolAR is modular and evolutive. It allows, in various contexts of use, the construction of customized computer vision pipelines targeting Augmented Reality applications (e.g. camera pose estimation or 3D mapping).

SolAR contains:

  • interfaces promoting interoperability
  • computer vision components constructed from third-party bricks
  • plugins for third-party applications

What's new in SolAR framework?
(Release notes)

v0.10.0 (2021/12/30)

  • Stereo camera components (e.g. calibration, rectification, depth estimation, reprojection to 3D)
  • Map update pipeline
  • SLAM and mapping optimizations
  • gRPC module: stubs for client and server sides, for all SolAR interfaces, to create remote services
  • Map Update, Relocalization and Mapping services (for cloud deployment) and client test applications
  • Add module PopSift for CUDA optimized SIFT feature detection and extraction.

v0.9.1 (2021/08/30)

  • Bug fix and optimizations

v0.9.0 (2021/01/07)

  • Map overlap detection and merging
  • Move to XPCF 2.5.0 to use remoting feature for creating communication layer of cloud services

SolAR framework Overview

Who needs SolAR?

According to your needs, SolAR framework offers several user profiles: