Contribution workflow

Contribute to SolAR Framework

Contributers may be interested in enhancing Solar Framework. For instance, they may want to:

  • define new interfaces or new data structures

  • propose bug fixes

  • etc.

The proposed workflow is based on github forks and pull requests:

  1. if not already done, create a github account: github

  2. open the url of the repository related to the project you want to contribute to. The list of repositories and their urls is here: github SolAR repositories

  3. click on the "fork" button in order to copy the repository to your own github account

  4. keep your fork up to date: read the page help github in order to sync your local copy with the original repository

You may then ask the upstream repository to accept your changes: this is performed by creating a pull request. Follow the instructions at pull request documentation to see how to create a pull request between your fork and the original repository.

When your pull request is created, request for a pull request review, by following these instructions:

Contributing by creating your own components

You may be interested by developing your own components based on SolAR interfaces. In this case, create your own github repository, and create any SolAR components and packages you need by following these instructions.

Once your component is created, don’t hesitate to contact us!


For any request, please contact us at