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 CI2DOverlayDraws 2D information on top of an image. UUID: 62b8b0b5-9344-40e6-a288-e609eb3ff0f1
 CI3DOverlayDraws 3D content on top of an image. UUID: 81a20f52-6bf9-4949-b914-df2f614bc945
 CI3DPointsViewerDisplays point clouds in a window. UUID: 575d365a-9a27-11e8-9eb6-529269fb1459
 CIImageViewerVDisplays an image in a window. UUID: B05F3DBB-F93D-465C-AEE1-FB58E1480C42
 CIMatchesOverlayDraws matches between two images. UUID: a801354a-3e00-467c-b390-48c76fa8c53a
 CIContoursExtractorExtracts contours from an image. UUID: 42d82ab6-cc62-11e7-abc4-cec278b6b50a
 CIContoursFilterFilters a set of contours. UUID: 6b3de3a0-cc72-11e7-abc4-cec278b6b50a
 CIDescriptorMatcherMatches two sets of descriptors together. UUID: dda38a40-c50a-4e7d-8433-0f04c7c98518
 CIDescriptorsExtractorExtracts descriptors from a set of keypoints. UUID: c0e49ff1-0696-4fe6-85a8-9b2c1e155d2e
 CIDescriptorsExtractorSBPatternExtracts descriptors from a squared binary pattern or from an image of a squared binary pattern. UUID: 2e2bde18-ce39-11e7-abc4-cec278b6b50a
 CIKeypointDetectorDetects the keypoints from an image. UUID: 0eadc8b7-1265-434c-a4c6-6da8a028e06e
 CIKeypointDetectorRegionDetects the keypoints from given region of an image. UUID: 64ccce51-b445-4ec5-a0fa-44156e8bc370
 CIKeypointsReIndexerReorganizes the keypoints detected from two images that match together in two vector of points where the nth point of the first vector matches with the nth point of the second vector. UUID: 920e64a2-df17-11e7-80c1-9a214cf093ae
 CIMatchesFilterFilters a set of matches. UUID: e0d6cc82-6af2-493d-901a-2384fca0b16f
 CISBPatternReIndexerGives both the 4 corners of a pattern in its reference coordinate system (pixels, cells, etc.) and the 4 corners in pixels of this pattern in the current image. UUID: 79c5b810-d557-11e7-9296-cec278b6b50a
 CIVisualInertialFusionFuses data captured by inertial sensors with the pose estimated from visual sensors. UUID: 3efaa1c6-85e4-11e8-adc0-fa7ae01bbebc
 CI2DTransformApplies a 2D transformation (e.g. an homography) to a set of 2D points. UUID: dbf5a8a1-cbcb-4a95-8dfd-4d9d5877e56f
 CI3DTransformApplies a 3D transformation (e.g. an affine transformation) to a set of 3D points. UUID: 9c1052b2-46c0-467b-8363-36f19b6b445f
 CIImage2WorldMapperMaps 2D points to a 3D world coordinate system. For example, this method can map the 4 corners of a marker to the world coordinate system. UUID: 67bcd080-258d-4b16-b693-cd30c013eb05
 CIProjectProjects 3D points on a 2D image plane. UUID: b485f37d-a8ea-49f6-b361-f2b30777d9ba
 CIUndistortPointsApplies an undistorsion to a set of points. UUID: a345a1d2-c3f3-497f-948b-cd1a199e6657
 CIUnprojectRecovers 3D points defined in world coordinate system from a set of 2D points defined in the image coordinate system. UUID: 21113a74-de60-4a3c-8b65-f3112beb3dc6
 CIImageConvertorConverts image with a specific layout. UUID: 9c982719-6cb4-4831-aa88-9e01afacbd16
 CIImageFilterApplies a filter to an image. UUID: f7948ae2-e994-416f-be40-dd404ca03a83
 CIImageLoaderLoads an image. UUID: 6fcdaa8d-6ea9-4c3f-97b0-46cd11b67a9b
 CIPerspectiveControllerWarps and crops an image given a contour defined with four 2D points. UUID: 4a7d5c34-cd6e-11e7-abc4-cec278b6b50a
 CIPipelineDefines a pose estimation pipeline. UUID: b5a6225e-6a91-4050-b298-886f4c17d9d2
 CIKeyframeRetrieverRecovers a set of pre-recorded keyframes close to a given frame. UUID: f60980ce-bdbd-11e8-a355-529269fb1459
 CIRelocalizerReturns a camera pose giving a frame. UUID: 3531a734-be88-11e8-a355-529269fb1459
 CISinkPoseImageA Sink for a synchronized pose and image useful for AR video see-through pipelines. UUID: c0d9fee4-d7d7-4866-a6cd-3bacac23316a
 CISinkPoseTextureBufferA Sink for a synchronized pose and texture buffer useful for AR video see-through pipelines. UUID: 8b220946-34ab-4fba-9aa7-ea8da807a2cf
 CISourceImageA Source for an image, useful for AR video see-through pipelines. UUID: 06e2fc5d-39da-4486-b2a6-1d8bd788fa13
 CIOpticalFlowEstimatorEstimates the optical flow between two images. UUID: 3c74cd7f-950c-43ee-8886-9f4ddf763c27
 CBufferInternalA Buffer used to store any data such as descriptors.
 CCloudPointA 3D point stored in a cloud of points.
 CDescriptorBufferA buffer to store a set of descriptors.
 CDescriptorMatchA match between two descriptors.
 CEdge2DfA 2D edge with coordinates defined with floats.
 CEdge2DiA 2D edge with coordinates defined with integers.
 CFrameA frame.
 CImageA 2D image.
 CinferType< DescriptorDataType::TYPE_32F >
 CinferType< DescriptorDataType::TYPE_8U >
 CKeyframeA keyframe
 CKeypointA 2D Keypoint.
 CMapA map of 3D points.
 CPoint2DfA 2D point with coordinates defined with floats.
 CPoint2DiA 2D point with coordinates defined with integers.
 CPoint3DfA 3D point with coordinates defined with floats.
 CPoint3DiA 3D point with coordinates defined with integers.
 CRectangleiA 2D rectangle which size in defined with integers.
 CSizefA 2D size defined with floats.
 CSizeiA 2D size defined with integers.
 CSquaredBinaryPatternA SquaredBinaryPattern defined with a binary regular grid.
 CLogSpecifies the Log interface class and MACRO's used to manage the logs.
 CImageInternalA 2D image buffer.