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 NCERESProvides a bundle adjustment component based on Ceres library: UUID: 09f4a367-c5bf-4a9f-9f3b-42424d52f717
 NFBOWProvides an image retrieval component based on Fast Bag Of Words library: UUID (without CUDA): b81f0b90-bdbc-11e8-a355-529269fb1459 UUID (with CUDA): 0aa58e12-b5ac-11ec-b909-0242ac120002
 NG2OProvides a bundle adjustment component based on G20 library: UUID: 8f94a3c5-79ed-4851-9502-98033eae3a3b
 NNONFREEOPENCVProvides a set of computer vision components based on OpenCV library (opencv_contrib): Warining, the code source of openCV used for this module is not free ! UUID: 28b89d39-41bd-451d-b19e-d25a3d7c5797
 NOPENCVProvides a set of computer vision components based on OpenCV library: UUID (without CUDA): 15e1990b-86b2-445c-8194-0cbe80ede970 UUID (with CUDA): fde83ee6-3e22-4531-9e1c-54cb0a3bf3fa
 NOPENGLProvides a component to display 3D point cloud based on OpenGL library: UUID: 6e960df6-9a36-11e8-9eb6-529269fb1459
 NOPENGVProvides triangulation and PnP components based on OpenGV library: UUID: 9f5f0fb9-a8c8-4532-bddf-f988052f63c3
 NPCLProvides a set of function to process point cloud based on the point clouds library: UUID: bc1a5b44-d022-4234-8f7a-7e2b72763bad
 NPOPSIFTProvides a CUDA optimized SIFT feature detection and extraction based on PopSift library: UUID: 4a43732c-a1b2-11eb-bcbc-0242ac130002
 NREALSENSEProvides a component to access realsense RGB-D camera : UUID: 63b92983-f790-448b-8124-3b686d481aaf
 NTOOLSProvides a set of useful components UUID: 28b89d39-41bd-451d-b19e-d25a3d7c5797